Intro to Contortion in Vancouver

Intro to Contortion with Rebecca Starr

Mount Pleasant Studio
36 E Broadway

Wed, Nov 8 - Wed, Dec 6
5 Week Course

1hr class

This workshop is a 5 week series and will give you an introduction into the art of contortion! These classes will focus on developing strength, control, and awareness while increasing flexibility and learning a variety of stretching techniques and contortion style poses. We will focus on advanced stretching, including splits and back bends, and move into basic contortion poses including elbow stands, chest stands, bridge variations and more! Rebecca will take you through her personal flexibility practice and teach you the technique she has developed over years of training as a circus artist and contortionist.

All Levels.

EARLY BIRD RATES until Wednesday, November 1, 2017:

  • Members: $109+GST
  • Guests: $129+GST

AFTER Wednesday, November 1, 2017:

  • Members: $129+GST
  • Guests: $149+GST
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