Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Intensive

Mount Pleasant Studio
36E Broadway

Fri-Sun, May 4, 5, 6, 2018

Fri, May 4: 4:30-9:30pm
Sat, May 5: 10-6pm
Sun, May 6: 10-6pm

Learn the philosophy, principals and techniques to deepen your aerial yoga practise or begin your journey to becoming a Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor. This intensive weekend course offers knowledge and tools that will develop and integrate a comprehensive base and skill set to aid you in growing as an informed practitioner or as a creative, confident, knowledgeable aerial yoga instructor.


Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Intensive

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Certification of Completion

Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor

Inside the Training

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

  • Explore, improve and deepen your personal aerial yoga practice along with other motivated aerial yoga participants.
  • Gain an in depth and practical understanding of the basic, foundation poses, including benefits, contraindications and modifications.
  • Learn the skills and techniques needed for effectively and clearly teaching aerial yoga to all levels of participants with various intentions and conditions.
  • Learn how to plan classes based on clear principles of sequencing and flow.
  • Learn the art of giving hands–on adjustments and other forms of correction, safely and clearly.
  • Learn to work with injuries and other specific or unique participant needs, confidently and assured.
  • Get 20 hours of personal instruction, guidance and hands on learning from a certified aerial yoga instructor.
  • Included is a 90 page colour manual, highlighting the skills, tools and poses you’ll need to be a confident, self assured, employable aerial yoga instructor.
  • Complete the course with an Online Exam, assessing your knowledge and retention of the course content.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Certification of Completion

Once completing the Aerial Teacher Training Intensive, you can take the next step in the journey to becoming a Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor by attaining a Certification of Completion.

  • A Certification of Completion consists of submitting, online, a 45-minute teaching demo to be evaluated and assessed by a certified aerial yoga instructor.
  • Get valuable, constructive, feedback, including tips and helpful suggestions from a professional aerial yoga instructor.

Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor

Once completing the Aerial Teacher Training Intensive and obtaining the Certification of Completion, you are only steps away from becoming a Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor, which makes you eligible for a discount on your yearly liability insurance. Becoming a Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor also allows you to request higher hourly rates for teaching classes.

  • To become a Certified Aerial Yoga Instructor, A Fitness Theory online course must be completed.
  • A First Aid certificate must also be acquired.

Instructor - Andee Frizzell

Andee began her yoga journey began back in 1999 while living in South Beach Miami Florida. She was introduced to yoga as a treatment to alleviate pain from injuries she sustained while practising various sports.

She discovered, almost immediately, the plethora of benefits, physical, mental and emotional, that came from practising yoga.

Andee went on to study many diverse forms of yoga after her first introduction, Hatha Yoga (restorative), Iyengar Yoga (using props), Sweatbox yoga (pre-Bikrams) and Ashtanga Vinyasa flow. She has also practised callenetics, barre and various styles of pilates.

In 2004, Andee was asked by Langara College to sit on a panel of yoga instructor peers to collaborate on the creation of the Hatha Yoga Safety Guideline mandate, that would ensure all certified yoga instructors met a minimum knowledge requirement of anatomy and asana theory, to maximize participant safety.

Six years ago, Andee took her wealth of knowledge and experience teaching yoga, from the earth to the air and began teaching Aerial Yoga. Combining her extensive understanding of anatomy, form and alignment, she can adjust poses to the different levels of participants, so no one is excluded from partaking in this new and exciting expression of yoga.

Andee has taught various forms of yoga now for 20 years and her philosophy is, “Yoga is not for the flexible. Its for the willing.”

Willing to expand and share her incredible trove of experience and insight into teaching, Andee has started to educate the next generation of aspiring yoga instructors through her Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Intensive course.