Recap of the 2016 BC Pole Fitness Championships

Tantra Fitness presents the BC Pole Fitness Championships sponsored by Polefit Bad Kitty

  • Entry Level Placement

    1st Place: Stephanie Cheung; 2nd Place: Coco Dawn; 3rd Place: Kayla Morton

  • Men's Placement

    1st Place: Alex Hart (single competitor)

  • Amateur Placement

    1st Place: Tempest Jade; 2nd Place: Sarah Wisiecki ; 3rd Place: Jakki Denis

  • Pole Art Placement

    1st Place: Lady Jane; 2nd Place: Vanessa Power

  • Masters Placement

    1st Place: Glenny Davidson; 2nd Place: Karen Chandler; 3rd Place: Lynn Wainwright

  • Doubles Placement

    1st Place: Natalie Fustier & Samantha Asselin; 2nd Place; Wendy Pronick & Jeni-Rae Stacey

  • Semi-Pro Placement

    1st Place: Jenne Pastega; 2nd Place: Sydney Southam; 3rd Place: Sarah Korba

  • Pro Placement

    1st Place: Rebekah Mullen; 2nd Place: Rosalyn Mow; 3rd Place: Anna Von Rossum

The Tantra Fitness BC Pole Fitness Championships sponsored by Polefit Bad Kitty were held on Saturday June 4th at Annex in Downtown Vancouver. There were two shows and eight divisions competing to advance to the Nationals in Toronto at the end of July.

A panel of six established judges were scoring each competitor on performance, artistry, and technicality: Nadyne Moldowan, Veronica Solimano, Lyndsey Hotell, Aryn Savard, Ana Brito, and Angel Stewart.  According to the judges, the performance aspect is all about engaging the audience and having confidence. The artistry portion is about the execution of a theme and choreography. Finally, Pole Athletes are also graded on their technical abilities, including strength, flexibility, lines, and level of difficulty.

All of the competitors must use two poles: one fixed and one that spins.

The Day Show program (2:00pm-5:00pm) showcased Entry Level, Men’s, Amateur, and Pole Art athletes. The night show program (6:30pm-9:30pm) hosted the Masters, Doubles, Semi-Pro, and Pro divisions.

The audience was full of the supportive friends, family members, and individuals who are interested in the unique sport and performances. The Pole community is tight-knit and very welcoming for newcomers!

Twig Video (a sponsor and video productions company) worked with the athletes to create short introductory videos before each performance. These fun videos gave the audience insight into each competitor’s journey in Pole Fitness.  We also love the athlete bio videos because the audience can get a sense of the performer's personality so they can even further connect with their piece.

Our sponsors of the event included: PoleFit by Bad Kitty - our favourite Platinum Sponsor; Twig Video for editing all 40+ athlete bios and for filming the event; MVMTLAB, chiropractic/pilates and movement studio who was keeping the athletes loose and limber backstage; Oddball Workshop designed and produced the funky ATHLETE and STAFF T-shirts; CoCos Pure, coconut water, kept everyone deliciously hydrated during the events; Mighty Grip helped the pole cleaners climb effortlessly with their gripped ankle braces and liquid hand-chalk; and X-Pole provided perfect poles for the event.  The host of the event, Tantra Fitness, would like to thank all of the fantastic sponsors for their generosity!