Dance Fitness Classes

Our Dance Classes offer a range of styles and a combination of cardio, strength conditioning, choreography, and flexibility. Not all Dance Classes have a dance/choreography component, but they are all designed to touch on all aspects of fitness and safety. Check out our Class Descriptions for lower/moderate intensity, moderate intensity, and high intensity Dance classes we are currently offering!

Click on each class name for more detailed description. *Classes may not be offered at every location. Check studio schedules for class details.

Erotica L1
Bring your high heels and get ready to unleash your inner vixen by gaining body awareness and confidence in this super fun colour-coded series: Pink, Fuchsia, Violet, Magenta. You don't have to do the series in any particular order, but you must have completed all 4 colours before going into Erotica intermediate. Don’t forget to bring your high heels!  Must be 19+.  N.B.: because floorwork can be hard on bony knees, feel free to bring knee pads or other protective gear. Click Here for Details

Erotica L2
Floorwork and transitions!  Bring your high heels and get ready to unleash your inner vixen by gaining body awareness and confidence! This class is for those that have mastered the sexy basics in Erotica Beginner and are ready to take their skills to the next level. Don’t forget to bring your high heels!  Must be 19+.  N.B.: because floorwork can be hard on bony knees, feel free to bring knee pads or other protective gear. Click Here for Details

Dancer’s Stretch/Sexy Flexy
Is your goal to get your splits, improve your range of motion, and just be more flexible overall? Take this all-levels stretch class! Each class will vary in different stretching exercises targeting different areas of the body. If you’re saying “I’m not flexible enough to take this class,” well this is the class for you! No stretching experience or degree of flexibility required. Click here for Sexy Flexy Details. Click Here for Dancer's Stretch Details.

Cirque Stretch
This class uses a combination of partner and individual stretching to help increase your range of motion. If you're looking to improve your splits, this is the class for you. A large focus of the class is dedicated to leg flexibility, as well as contortion inspired back exercises. All levels welcome, but must be comfortable assisting others! Click Here for Details

What are your splits goals? Is it your resolution this year? Whether you have never attempted the splits, are working on that last inch, or trying to achieve the over-split, this class will open the specific muscle groups that will allow you to access your splits-ability! All levels welcomed! Click Here for Details

Lap Dance
Using a chair for a prop you will learn a full lap dance routine. The slow movement forces you to use more muscle control to really tone those core muscles. Layer up and bring some heels. Time to empower yourself and tap in to that sexy side. This is a great class to not only find your own comfortable movement but also to become aware of your own body.  Sexy shoes are recommended but not required.  Must be 19+ Click Here for Details

Sass Class
Join us for a unique drop in experience, where you will get to learn fundamentals of Heels Technique! We begin with warm up and our signature Sass Drills, then head right into Beyonce-style choreography designed to improve your dance technique, while sweating hard in a high energy environment. This is a positive space for all body types, ages and levels. You can wear heels or a sneaker to this class, and dress in anything that makes you feel comfortable and SASSY! Click Here for Details

Bellyfit is a fabulous fusion of fitness and dance. In the first half of the class, burn mega calories with fun and sexy cardio moves inspired by Bellydance, African Dance and Bollywood. In the second half of the class, feel the burn with a Pilates-inspired core workout to strengthen and tone the waistline. Yoga inspired stretch and closing Mudra Meditation leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Please wear running shoes, comfortable fitness clothing, and bring a water bottle – you will need it! Shimmy your way to a healthier you. Click Here for Details

Acro Foundations
Get back to the basics and play like a kid! We will work on the strength and balance you need to get in to those handstands, forearm stands and eventually those backwards walkovers. Learn proper technique for achieving acrobatic movements. These skills can be essential for the pole or just for having fun!  Appropriate for all levels. Click Here for Details

It’s all about the Tush N’ Abs (not what you were thinking, we know)! This class uses a variety of moves to sculpt both your abs and butt so you look great both coming and going. Please bring running shoes and water. Click Here for Details

Body Rock
Rock that bod! Get ready for this high-energy class that includes muscular endurance, conditioning, functional movement and body sculpting! This class will help you discover the best (and leanest) version of yourself! Click Here for Details

Ripped Suspension Training
An intensive, toning and butt-kicking class using TRX suspension training! This class is a combination of resistance training and cardio, using suspension bands, which use gravity and your bodyweight to tone, sculpt and strengthen. All levels can do this class, but prepare to sweat. Click Here for Details

This is the ultimate class in mixing booty-powered twerk dance routines to fully charged music meant to make ya shake it.  All levels welcome. Bring knee pads or knee/thigh high socks. Bring a water bottle. Click Here for Details

Build a Booty
Are you ready for a booty heavy workout? Sculpt, tone and tighten those buns in this high-energy booty-building class. You will combine cardio, weight training and partner exercises focusing on the legs and butt to keep your booty in-check all year round. Bring your runners and a water bottle and get ready to sweat!Click Here for Details

Bikini Body Blast
This class consists of high-energy functional movements that will get your heart rate up and your muscles pumping. Sweating is a nice way of saying that we will be melting away the fat with every jump, push, pull and squat. Static (stationary) exercises will be present and give your body the opportunity to build up muscular endurance… believe me you will be enduring each hold with your muscles as your body tones and tightens itself! The end result will leave you smiling and speechless, literally! Click Here for Details

Cirque Fit
The foundation of a CirqueFit class is built upon a wide variety of conditioning drills and engaging sequences that are designed to effectively strengthen your whole body as well as build greater balance, stamina and mobility. With a strong focus on alignment and functional movement patterns, this class ensures a challenge with rewarding results in the end. Great for dancers, circus artists or anyone looking to get a good workout and improve their strength and flexibility. Open to all levels; variations can be offered to those who have more experience. Click Here for Details