Vancouver's Premier Pole & Aerial Studio

Tantra Fitness is the Best Pole Studio in Greater Vancouver. We proudly call our studio “the fitness alternative,” because we only offer classes and programs that are fun and unique while giving you an amazing workout. Whether you have two left feet or if you are a dance diva, we have something exciting and engaging for everyone.


Pole Fitness

Train with award-winning instructors in our tried-tested-and-true Pole Fitness Program.


Dance Fitness

Our Dance Classes offer a range of styles and a combination of cardio, strength conditioning, choreography, and flexibility.


Aerial Arts

It's never too late to join the circus. Learn the art of Silks, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Hammock and Aerial Yoga.

About Our Classes

Pole Fitness

  • Intro TO POLE

    Start your pole fitness journey here. Intro to Pole gives you a glimpse into Pole Fitness. You will learn some basic moves and how to put it together. Discover the Tantra Fitness tried-tested-and-true teaching method.
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    Start with either series - Black or Grey - and take in any order. Learn the foundations and apply them to spins and transitions.

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    Get strong in this all-levels pole conditioning class. There's no dancing involved, just a lot of sweating, pumping muscles, and big smiles. Work on conditioning the muscles you will need for your Pole Fitness Classes at Tantra Fitness.

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    It's okay to be sexy. Being sexy also happens to be an incredible workout! Exotic dance is sensual dance on the pole, and nobody teaches it better than Tantra Fitness. Learn a different routine each week, put on some heels, and strengthen your core. Levels Beginner to Advanced.

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Dance Fitness

  • TNA - Tush & Abs

    It’s all about the Tush N’ Abs (not what you were thinking, we know)! This class uses a variety of moves to sculpt both your abs and butt so you look great both coming and going. Get ready for some unique exercises to work that TNA. Please bring running shoes and water...and a sweat towel 'cause you will need it!

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  • Dancer's Stretch

    Do you want to improve your overall flexibility? Take this all-levels stretch class! Dancer's Stretch draws from stretching exercises used in ballet and contemporary dance designed to target different areas of the body. If you’re saying “I’m not flexible enough to take this class,” well this is the class for you! No stretching experience or degree of flexibility required.

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  • Twerk Out

    We celebrate The Booty. This is the ultimate class in mixing booty-powered twerk dance routines to fully charged music meant to make ya shake it. All levels welcome. Knee/Thigh high socks or knee pads are recommended.

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  • Sexy Flexy

    This class was created to aid in the mobility of your hips and upper body separately so you feel more comfortable in Erotica and Exotic Dance. It is also a great stretching class for your flexibility goals! We work on a variety of isolation, movement, and stretching exercises, we well as splits, back flexibility, and partner stretching. All levels welcome!

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Aerial Arts

  • Intro to Aerial Arts

    This introductory class will give you a chance to try out both Silks and Aerial Hoops. This class is the prerequisite needed to continue with Silks L1 and Aerial Hoop L1 classes. You will learn basic positions and poses on both apparatuses. No experience is required. Don't forget to bring your camera for photo ops!

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  • Aerial Yoga

    Yoga in the air! Aerial Yoga is done in a hammock so you can experience the poses in a whole new way. This anti-gravity yoga helps to decompress the spine, stretch your muscles, and build strength. This class ends with a blissful relaxation in the hammock.

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  • Aerial Fit

    It's the apocalypse. You want to survive. You must be prepared. Food and water are at the ready, but is your body? No previous aerial experience required but it will definitely help your plight as we use both the hoops and silks to condition and get our bodies ready for...well...just about anything. Some of the exercises will involve being upside-down using just your arms or your legs. Please wear form fitting clothes and long leggings for this reason!

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  • Aerial Hammock

    This class is all about moving and dancing in the air! You will learn inversions and poses that will give you a chance to work on transitions in an aerial hammock. Gain flexibility and strength as well as the comfort to wrap yourself up in new ways. Beginners are recommended to take Aerial Yoga first if you have no previous Aerial experience. Must be comfortable with inversions.

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Parties & Events

  • Tantra Fitness is the best place for pole parties in the Greater Vancouver Area! We have the best instructors and 4 convenient locations in Gastown, Mount Pleasant, Richmond, and Burnaby. Tantra Fitness has been in business for over 10 years!

  • Our pole dance and lap dance party routines have all been choreographed by Head Instructor and Founder of Tantra Fitness, Tammy Morris. Tammy was an exotic dancer for over 10 years, so these moves are tried, tested, and true.

4 Awesome Locations

Burnaby Tantra Fitness


4247 Lougheed Highway

Conveniently located near Brentwood Mall in the new Solo District, beside Cactus Club.

Gastown Tantra Fitness


314 Water St, Vancouver

In the heart of Gastown across from the Steam Clock and a 5 minute walk from Waterfront Station.

Mount Pleasant Tantra Fitness

Mount Pleasant

36 East Broadway, Vancouver

On Broadway between Quebec Street and Ontario Street, next to the ultra-hip Main Street community.



9111 Beckwith Road

Next to Costco and a 5 minute walk from Bridgeport Skytrain Station  & River Rock Casino.